Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Forward

I'm not a big fan of the time change. Rich and I went to bed around 11:30, knowing it was "really" 12:30 and he has to get up early for Sunday Brunch. I think I drifted off for a short while but woke back up and could not sleep. SO I am at the computer, after sitting at the table writing birthday cards and snail mail notes for a little bit. Haven't blogged lately so thought I might as well catch up.

Rich was out in the yard earlier today when these flowers caught his eye. We think it's a little early for them to be blooming, but maybe not. Nevertheless, we were excited to see them popping up. Hopefully spring is on its way.

So sad about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan--watching the devastation on TV is shocking, even as it's replayed constantly. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones there. We had a little bit of excitement here as we were under a tsunami warning for several hours early Friday morning. Our general manager was out of town so I was "acting" and ended up staying up for quite a bit of the night in coordination with our TV and radio staff, who were keeping updated messages broadcasting from Public Safety. Thankfully, it passed us by and we didn't have to evacuate. Those who have been here a long time said that there has never been an issue on the Bering Sea side so most people were not overly concerned. Still, it gives you pause for a few moments when you're told that you're in the danger zone and to be prepared to move to higher ground.

I can't even remember everything that's gone on since my last post. Our cute and sweet little granddaughter Ally had her 4th birthday on the 8th--she is growing up too fast! Hated to miss her party, complete with a Barbie cake, but it sounds like she had lots of fun. Someday we will be close enough to pop in on birthday parties and various other events.

Last night I met friends for sushi and lots of laughs--we were going to have another fondue night but the hostess' daughter was sick so we decided to go out instead. Tonight was our annual membership meeting at my job so I spent several hours today getting ready for that and then attending tonight. It was followed by another drive in movie, "Mega Mind," in the parking lot but I didn't stay since we'd seen it with the grandkids when we were down south. The drive-in is a big hit since we don't have a movie theater here--another great idea from my coworker, Pipa (Ms. Creativity).

Rich and I are getting ready for our next vacation--we leave on the 26th for a few weeks in California, visiting his sister, his stepkids and grandkids, his cousin and family, who all live there, and my niece who is attending Santa Clara U. We'll spend a few days in San Francisco (one of our favorite places!) and then make the rounds. Yes, we love vacations!


Betty said...

Love your flowers! They are amazing but what are they? I am so flower challenged. My plants/flowers still have their name tags attached.

Glad you're okay from the last storm threat. No, I can't spell it without looking it up. LOL!

Gigi said...

I think they are crocus-es, at least that's what someone said on FB. I don't know my flowers too well either.