Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shopping, Sara comes to visit, Chinatown

We've been busy, busy, busy. I have a bunch of photos but don't want to bore you with a super long entry so I am going to break things up into several posts. Tuesday we went out in the morning but stuck close to our hotel since Rich's stepdaughter Sara was going to drive in to spend some time with us. Our hotel was near Union Square and lots of shopping so we walked around in the sunshine, hit the stores, did some browsing and made a few purchases. Sara arrived in the afternoon and we decided to walk to Chinatown, then up to Coit Tower. We always enjoy the various Chinatowns in the cities we visit--the crowded streets, the colorful markets and the culture all around.

Street lamp
Laundry hanging out windows

I love this picture of a worker taking a meal break, captured by Rich (actually, all these photos are his).

It was a long, steep walk up to Coit Tower and worked out my already sore legs! I'll post more about it but wanted to include this photo of Sara. We were really happy that she came to visit us, staying overnight and part of the day today. We had lots of fun catching up and hanging out. Sara lives in Mariposa and has three adorable children, Hayden, and twins Cody and Emily. We will be going to see them sometime next week, along with the rest of Rich's "ex-family," with whom we are, thankfully, very friendly. :)

The weather has been fabulous! I am thrilled!

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