Monday, May 16, 2011

What's the Latest?

We had a busy weekend. Rich had to work all day and into the night on Saturday, which is usually his one day off for the week, because there was a big event going on. I decided to attack our bedroom closet, which was looking very messy and still contained a couple of boxes of clothes that had never been unpacked since we moved in almost a year ago. Not mine. I need all of mine!

After awhile, I ran over to Amelia's to meet up with Pipa, Donna, Pam and Paul who were having lunch before Paul headed for the ferry. When I got there, they were serenading him with Beatles songs (the words changed to fit the farewell situation). Wish I had a photo of that!

In the picture above, Paul is getting his ticket for the ferry to Homer.

Goodbye, Paul! We'll miss you! (Cheesy pose!)

About to drive the car on board.

Our ferry, the Tustamena, aka the Trusty Tusty.

It's a three day trip from here to Homer. Anybody wanna go?

Pam and Donna at the dock

After seeing Paul off, I came back home and literally spent hours and hours cleaning the closet. But I felt so productive and really glad to have everything in order!

Rich didn't get home till after 8 PM and was pretty beat so we just relaxed at home instead of going to the "Hoedown" at the hotel. It is usually a fun and crazy event but we didn't quite have the energy this year.

Sunday I met my friend Donna for brunch and we caught up with each other after both having been gone at different times since the first of the year. Seems like we have not seen each other much at all! It was great to chat and linger over brunch. From there, I ran over to a birthday party and visited for a few minutes with the birthday girl, Susan, and her family and friends. Then to the Methodist Church to drop off a bag of clothes from the aforementioned closet. The church has a "second blessings" sale a few times a year--you can pick out all kinds of stuff and pay whatever you think it's worth, or whatever you can afford. Pretty neat, huh? So Sunday volunteers were gathering items and sorting them and getting everything ready for the sale next weekend.

Then Donna and I met back up and went over to Paul's house to pack a couple of boxes of stuff to send to him once he gets settled. When we were finished, she came over to see our house and we continued our catch-up conversation. It was great fun to hang out.

Rich and I have both been busy at work and we've also been dieting and exercising in hopes of getting in shape for the Jersey shore. Ugh. I wish I could love healthy habits but they are not that deeply ingrained in me. I am a little bit lazy and I do love my carbs. :) But we are both doing really well and sticking with it, so we will see what the next six weeks bring.

We also might be buying Rich another vehicle. If you've never seen his "noisy, bumpy, dirty" car, as Aidan so aptly called it when he was here, you are really missing out. The door is falling off, it's all rusted out, and it's so noisy that the neighbors can use it for an alarm clock in the morning. There's some kind of weird trick to starting it, which I've never been able to master so I have never driven it ONCE in almost 7 years. Not that I really wanted to. haha He has been loathe to give it up and has had plenty of work done on it to keep it running but it is finally on its last legs (or wheels). We just found out that a friend is selling her Toyota Tacoma pickup so we are looking into it and may soon be the proud new owners of a small truck.

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