Saturday, May 7, 2011

Come on, Spring!

We have lots of daffodils coming up in our yard. I would have taken a picture of a larger group of them but I was afraid I would tumble down the hill. Now that would have been a good story.

And these are very close to the ground--you'd almost miss them if you weren't looking.

Thursday I worked the KUCB table at the school district's annual career fair. It was enjoyable chatting with everyone and seeing a bunch of kids I hadn't seen in awhile. I've been in town long enough to watch them grow up from 1st graders to 7th graders or, even more amazing, 6th graders to high school seniors. Check the KUCB blog if you want to see some of the fun.


Betty said...

When did you change your format? It looks like your printing on it instead of the computer. How cool is that?

Gigi said...

Yeah, you can change your font in blogger, which I never knew till Bonnie told me recently. I noticed she and Sarah had changed theirs, so of course, I wanted to get in on it. I was tired of my look anyway! The background is from shabbyblogs--you can click on those words on my blog and see what they have. I could not get it to work from here with our slow internet so Bonnie set it up for me. If you want to change, let us know. I can change your font but you might need Sarah or Bonnie to help if you want the background changed. :)