Friday, September 30, 2011

Making the Rounds, Part Three: Abilene

Here's Aidan getting off the bus in Clyde. Yes, he is getting to be such a big boy--all of 8 years old now. Very hard to believe! He was a little miffed that he had to go to school while Ally got to stay with me. Wanted his mama to call him in sick. :) He's enjoying 2nd grade and says MATH is his favorite subject. In fact, he says he LOVES math. I'm sure Aunt Bonnie will be happy to hear this! He does not have a girlfriend right now. But he does have lots of friends. And his favorite thing is riding his dirt bike. Scares me to death.

I almost always end up getting the Courtyard Marriott by the mall in Abilene when I priceline a room. The kids love going there because they get to swim! The pool's heater was out and the hotel was waiting for a part but it didn't slow anyone down. The hot tub was still warm so they alternated between the "big pool"and the "little pool." Another girl came in with her dad and they were soon all playing together. Nice how kids just do that! Ally walked right up to her and asked, "Do you want to be my friend? Do you want to play with me?"

Aidan and I made a trip to Target so he could get a toy (after seeing Ally's paper doll book and wondering when I might buy HIM a present!) and so I could buy a few snacks and drinks for the room. We were gone so long that Susan was calling to see what happened to us. haha Aidan loves Lego stuff and you might recall the huge project he and Grandpa Rich undertook last time. At Target, Aidan gravitated right toward that same aisle again. I convinced him to get several smaller items instead of a big one and cautioned him that it was unlikely that Gigi would be any help. He assured me that he could put them together himself.

Corey got off work and met up with us and some friends for a nice dinner at the Beehive. He and Susan had so much fun in Jersey and NYC this past summer that they are already talking about what they want to do "next time." Maybe a stopover in DC to see some sights!

One of the hard parts about visiting Abilene is that I have several good friends there that I want to spend time with, but I also don't want to cut into family time when I won't be around very long! Our usual solution is to try to get people together for a meal and hang out for awhile. Luckily, Susan and Corey know most of my friends and like to see them too. Here's Jimmy, friend, former landlord, walking partner and all-round helper and supporter when Aidan was a baby. The grandkids were so excited to see him and ran down the sidewalk to give him a big hug!

And Sherri, who's the best at meeting us on the shortest notice, friend, travel partner and fellow adventurer. She's even been to Unalaska to see us!

I love these kids!

And Karen, one of my BFFs--we've been through more "stuff" together than anyone could imagine. Aidan loves her and I always say that Gigi takes second spot when Karen is around. :) She's another one who has been there since his birth and has always been very special to him.

We had a great time visting with everyone and then headed back to the hotel for the night. Susan decided to stay over with the kids and me since it was Friday night and no work the next day. Poor Corey is on a rotating schedule so had to work all weekend while we played. After talking, working on the Lego project (by himself!), watching a little TV and planning the next day, we all drifted off to dreamland.

To be continued....

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