Friday, September 2, 2011

We top off the night with a tsunami evacuation

I'm not sure where my "Little House on the Prairie" attitude is coming from but I had a major urge to make scones last night. This is funny since I pretty much never cook or bake. If Rich is not home, I usually make a sandwich or warm up leftovers. Maybe scrambled eggs. He can probably count on one hand the number of times I have made anything on my own, so I think he was surprised when I said I wanted scones and YES, I would make them. :) I don't think this activity even occurred to me, nor did I get started, till after 9 PM. They were very plain, fairly quick and easy, and tasted great! At 10 PM, we were eating hot scones with peach preserves and salmonberry jam (from a previous year...we haven't made this year's yet). Yum, yum. And I did have some Earl Grey tea with mine.

Fast forward to 3:00 AM, when the "on call" phone from work began to ring. Many times, it's a wrong number or just someone with a question, and I almost never get a call at that time of night. This time it was a guy from a news outlet in Anchorage, wanting to get an update on what was happening out here. What? I was asleep and confused. He told me that we'd had an earthquake nearby (which, as usual, I slept through) and were under a tsunami warning. Uh-oh! Here we go again! I called my boss and the emergency notification system was put into place. Soon I could hear sirens and voices over loudspeakers saying "tsunami warning--evacuate! tsunami warning--evacuate!" as people from UniSea began climbing the road up to our house. We got dressed and ready to move, but we live on fairly high ground so were not going to leave home unless advised to do so. Still, it was a little freaky in the middle of the night. Fairly soon, the all clear was called and we went back to bed. Just another little Aleutian adventure! Click here for the story.

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Suzassippi said...

I thought about your "smug" comment when I read that this morning. LOL Meanwhile, we are hunkering down for rain and another hurricane...and so it goes. :(