Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lord Grey's Peach Preserves

We've been getting some really tasty peaches at the grocery store lately. I was browsing Rich's Bon Appetit magazine while having lunch by myself earlier this week, and came across a recipe for peach preserves with Earl Grey tea. As a tea lover and a peach lover, this seemed like the perfect combination to me! We bought five pounds of peaches and got to work after dinner tonight.

First, blanch and peel the peaches.

Cut into slices.

Mix with four cups of sugar (uh-oh, not on the diet!) and two tbsp fresh lemon juice, let sit for 30 minutes. Then bring to a boil with four full tea bags and one extra teabag opened up and sprinkled into peaches. Cook for 15-20 minutes.

Remove teabags, skim foam off the top and put into sterilized jars.

Process in water bath for 10 minutes and voila!

The recipe calls for TWO 1 pint jars. We had enough for a whole lot more than that. Don't know if it was a typo or what. We bought a bunch of little jars recently, with intentions of making salmonberry jam (soon) so we sterilized a couple of those, too. And we have two small storage bowls full that we are going to eat right away. In fact, I already tried some tonight and it is super delicious. I have to admit that I really don't get much of the Earl Grey taste, but that's okay, too. Peachy peachy is just fine with me.


Suzassippi said...

Mmmmm.....with a croissant and a cup of Earl Grey!

Gigi said...

That sounds perfect. Or a scone! I want some breakfast food. :)

Betty said...

Is this a recipe you would repeat? Sounds really good. I wish I would get ambitious and do something like that. My Fairy Godmother who used to help me through the day, went South! :-)