Sunday, August 28, 2011

August winds down

Lots going on, as always! Both of us are busy at work, for one thing. Wednesday night, I went back in to host Flash! Unalaska, our weekly news/community events show, with Alyssa from the CVB. We had a lot of fun and she is just so cute and enthusiastic! I told her she is definitely in the right job! Thursday night, I went out for sushi with Andrea, Sonia, Tammy and Melanie to celebrate Melanie's birthday a little late. We have not all been in town at the same time for MONTHS so it was fun to catch up. Tammy and I were lamenting our lack of exercise so joined Mel at the gym on Friday morning. Melanie is pretty dedicated--I am not! I don't always sleep in but even if I am up early, I like to putter around the house in my pj's for hours on end. I might be working, mind you, but I am not showered and dressed. So it was a chore to make myself throw on some workout clothes, stick my hair in a ponytail and drive across town to the community center at--horrors!--9 AM! But we got in a good workout and I was glad I did it. I took the weekend off, but am planning to go in again tomorrow morning. I think I've done all I can do on the weight loss thing by just adjusting my diet so need to get serious about exercising.

Friday night we met some other friends, Kelly and Elaine, at the second-to-last deck bbq of the season. It was fun to hang out with them! Blogger Steve was supposed to come but got tied up at the eye doctor's office. Or so he says. :) I can't believe the bbq is about done for this year. That makes me think that fall and winter are fast approaching.

Rich had to work Saturday but managed to take most of today off. We had a quiet day and got a few things accomplished around the house but that's about it. Checked in with my mom, who got a bit of Hurricane Irene in NJ but nothing major, thankfully. You can tell we're a little jaded out here when all the locals say that it would be "just another day in Unalaska." :)

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