Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nature Walk

The Convention and Visitors Bureau sponsored a nature walk tonight. It was fun to get out with a different group of people and explore a little bit of Unalaska. This is right in "the valley" near our small lake--we didn't even have to hike or climb to find all of these beautiful flowers.

Some of our fun walk-mates

My attempt to catch a bee on a flower....

What a big field of Aleutian cotton!

Thanks, Alyssa! We had a great time!


Betty said...

Now, what have you learned? Can you identify the flowers? I'm sure it was an awesome walk and your picures are splendid as always.

Gigi said...

Is Blogger working for you again? Or you can just leave comments? Hope it's fixed! Oh, we have learned a lot over the last several years. I can identify some by sight but still need my guidebook or a local expert for others. :)