Monday, August 22, 2011

This Monday's One Fun Thing

Money management is not my idea of fun. Who wants to budget or pay bills or examine where all the money goes? Wouldn't you rather be out picking berries in the sunshine? Yes, I would.

But I am liking this site called Bundle, which actually makes all of the above a lot easier. Well, not the berry picking part but the money part. After signing up, you link all of your accounts, which allows you to log on to Bundle and see what's happening with your bank, your credit cards, and your retirement funds. It's so much easier than logging onto each one separately. You can't make payments or transfer money on Bundle and it's *supposedly* safe and secure. In addition to checking your balances, it shows you all of your expenditures (which you can categorize) and gives you a tool for setting up a budget. It's been pretty interesting to see everything in one place. There are also price and spending comparisons for different parts of the country, which I have really not delved into since we live in a rather unique place and I'm not sure what good it would do me to know that bread costs a lot less somewhere else.

Check it out here.

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Suzassippi said...

I love the bread comment! Kind of like being on St. Pau and paying $25 for those bing cherries I wanted...and getting the same Washington cherries here last week for $2.95.