Saturday, August 6, 2011

An August Saturday

There's been lots going on! Rich has been super busy and shorthanded at work so putting in lots of hours. I've also been filling in at my job and going in earlier than usual. Like 11 AM. Sometimes even 10! Feel sorry for me! We've been going to the Friday night deck bbq at the hotel, which is one of my favorite summer things. Last night we met up with some friends for the bbq and I had to eat fast because my monthly bunco game got switched from Saturday to Friday. After dinner, I rushed on over to Juliette's house, where they'd already started without me (LATE!!) It's always a lot of fun, even if I didn't win a prize. haha Today Rich had to work so I went by myself to the library to hear Andre Brugiroux speak. He was on the ferry that arrived in town for a few hours and the local Baha'i group made arrangements for him to show part of a film about his life and to discuss his adventures as a world traveler.

Andre left his home in France at age 17 with 10 francs in his pocket and has been traveling ever since. He spent many years hitchhiking around the globe and has visited every country in the world. He says he averaged a dollar a day, traveling over 400,000 km! The map behind him shows his routes and all of the places he's been. Because he only had a couple of hours off the ferry, we watched just a portion of the documentary about his travels and then enjoyed hearing some stories first hand. He was such an interesting guy, funny and self-deprecating, and full of love and appreciation for the many people and cultures that populate the world. He's 73 now and says he believes that peace is not only possible, but inevitable. I like that way of thinking! I bought his book One People, One Planet--The Adventures of a World Citizen, and am excited about reading more. Here's some info from Wikipedia.


From there, I stopped by the Post Office, where all of these gorgeous flowers are blooming. It's summer!

Dwarf fireweed

Either petruski or western hemlock parsley :)

Dwarf fireweed again

I'm not sure what these are!


It's been a bit overcast and foggy today. This is one of the scenes I get to see on my way home every day. Lucky me!


Suzassippi said...

Thanks for the info on Andre--that was fascinating! You should start giving some info on the flowers, too. :) I have no idea what they are!

Gigi said...

I need my flower book and I think it's at Rich's office! LOL I know some of them but can't remember all the names.