Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's midnight and I am wondering

when the salmonberries will be ripe

when my how-to-run-your-own-bed-and-breakfast books will arrive (since they are used and certainly shipped on the slow boat)

why Dr. Drew suddenly has more TV shows than he can handle

and also why Dr. Drew has given up his psychiatrist ethics and feels free to speculate, theorize and judge everyone in the news, complete with rolling his eyes and discussing his urges to vomit

whether we will ever have enough money to retire

how Warren Jeffs can believe that child sexual abuse is covered under "freedom of religion"

if President Obama is sorry he ever wanted this stinkin' job

why the summer goes by so quickly

what our cats do all day when we're not home

why a corn tortilla tastes as good as dessert when you're on a diet

where we should go for our next vacation (November...somewhere warm!)

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