Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beautiful Unalaska Summer Days

We're having lots of sunshine and warm-ish weather. I am in heaven! We were both off yesterday and took advantage. First we went to the annual Heart of the Aleutians Festival, had lunch, browsed the booths, chatted with friends and bought some of Sharon's decadently delicious chocolates. Man, I am addicted! Her sea salt caramels are the best! So much for the diet--I also had a hot dog and a Coke. Ran into my friend Andrea on the way out and she lectured me about the Coke. :) But, hey, it's not a "festival" without some junk food, right?!

We came back home and climbed into the salmonberry bushes around our house, snagging several pints of ripe berries. We are going to make salmonberry jam....okay, well, Rich is, and maybe I will be his assistant. Then we drove out to Pyramid Valley and walked up past the dam to look for more berries and photo opportunities. Here are two of Rich's photos--Aleutian cotton here and fireweed above. Gorgeous!

Our son in law Miles celebrated his birthday on the 19th. Happy birthday, Miles!

And happy anniversary to Susan and Corey today!

I'm gearing up for a visit to Texas in less than a month! Can't wait to see everyone again. My job is sending me to Anchorage for a development conference in mid September so I am flying from there to DFW, then on to Amarillo for a few days, to Abilene/Clyde for a few days, and back to Dallas to stay with Elle and Beck while Sarah and Miles take a little trip for their tenth anniversary. I am thankful for a flexible job that allows me to squeeze in as much family time as possible!

AND we have finalized plans for our month-long November vacation...yes, I know, we are always traveling! We had no real idea about what we wanted to do till I saw an Alaska Air sale on tickets to Hawaii. We've been there a couple of times already and were thinking about doing something different, but the price was more than right so we are going to Maui for 8 days, then flying to San Diego with another couple of weeks to fill on the west coast or environs. Leaving from LAX the day after Thanksgiving and stopping over in Anchorage for the highlight of the trip...his and hers colonoscopies on the way home. Woohoo! What a way to finish off vacation, right?


Anonymous said...

Jane honey - if you weren't sure how to finish off your trip, you should have called me. A colonoscopy is really not a fun way to do that. Ha. Sounds like the trips will be lots of fun. Hope you have a minute to see us when you're here. Take care - Mona

Gigi said...

Hi Mona! Definitely want to see you when I am in Amarillo! Should be there Sept. 19 to 21--quick trip, as always. Will give you a call. And, yes, can think of a million other things more fun than the "procedure." LOL