Thursday, October 6, 2011

Making the Rounds, Part Four: Abilene, continued

I am sadly behind but have been having way too much fun to post. :) I am back at home now, as of yesterday afternoon, and will try to catch up. So when I left you, I was in Abilene, which is where we will begin. It's always a juggling act to try to see everyone so we planned a little breakfast gathering with a few of my friends.

Here's Connie, part of my longstanding "girls' night out" group. Unfortunately, our other good friend Kelly was out of town and couldn't be with us.

Here's Shona and her sweet baby Sophie. Shona's mom was my good friend Rudene who passed away from cancer a couple of years ago. We miss her and our group is incomplete without her. But we were happy to see Shona and Sophie!

And Karen with all the kids--Sophie, Aidan and Ally

Aidan was very proud of himself for finishing his Lego characters on his own. Yay, Aidan!

Later in the day, we went over to Chuck E. Cheese and played for awhile. Big fun!

And that night, we checked out the Balloon Fest.

Susan and Corey
We had a little bit of a scary experience at the festival. The kids were inside one of those big inflated bouncy houses when the generator went off and the whole thing collapsed with about 8 little ones inside! Luckily, I was standing right at the opening and, along with one of the workers, managed to hold it open so the kids could scurry out. Meanwhile, Corey ran to the back and lifted it so it wouldn't crush anyone. Those things are heavy! All was well, but we moved on after that! Enough of the bouncy houses!

On the way out, Corey and the kids used up the rest of the tickets on a remote controlled car game.

My boy at the Balloon Fest
We packed a lot into this day and went back to the hotel to crash!

To be continued....

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