Monday, October 10, 2011

Making the Rounds, Part Six: Back to Dallas and Gigi Duty

We had a nice ride back to Dallas on a Sunday afternoon and then I had a couple of days with the whole family before Sarah and Miles left on their trip. There's a little park near their house so we took the kids to play after the car ride so they could stretch and work off some energy after being cooped up in the car. Beck enjoyed the swing!

Elle had fun climbing.

Here I am!

Beck wanted to put the straw in his mouth and did not even mind getting his knees all scraped up while he crawled around searching for more stuff to pick up. He's such a little boy!

Elle making things with play-doh with her mom and goofing around. She is a girl of a thousand faces!

Sarah and Miles left early on Tuesday morning for a well-deserved anniversary trip to a resort in Mexico. Elle knew they were going and didn't seem overly concerned the day before but she was a little upset that they did not tell her goodbye again that morning. She got over that pretty quickly after we talked about how early it had been and that they didn't want to disturb her sleep. Beck is too little to understand so we were hoping he would not feel abandoned or scared but he was perfectly happy when he got up. Sarah's friend Candace picked Elle up for preschool so I would not have to drive with both kids in Dallas traffic. I know, I am a wimp! But it worries me!

All ready for school! Okay, I will admit that I forgot how long it takes to get kids fed breakfast, dressed, teeth and hair brushed, lunch packed, backpack located, shoes on, and out the door! Note brother playing in the background!

Baby Beck was happy to play and we had a nice day by ourselves while Elle was at school. He is a sweet and happy boy and really no trouble whatsoever. You have to keep an eye on him because he loves to put everything in his mouth and he will crawl all over the house. But we had no mishaps. :)

They love their swings in the front yard and we went outside every morning when it was still on the cooler side and let them swing. I realized how long it has been since I had babies because I had a hard time working several of their pieces of equipment. For example, I popped the straps into the front of Beck's swing without any trouble but then I could not figure out how to get them undone. I tried everything and nearly went into a panic because I could not get him out! I was beginning to wonder if I should call someone or go to a neighbor's house when I just sort of accidentally got them open. Whew!

This was our routine just about every day!

Beck loves, loves, loves his sister and she can make him laugh so easily! They were so cute to watch.

It's funny how full the day can be when taking care of little ones. I told Sarah I was a little bit rusty but we had such a great time every day. Between meals and naps and playing and baths and bedtime routines, the time really flew by.

To be continued....

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