Saturday, October 8, 2011

Making the Rounds, Part Five: Last Day in Abilene

Mickey D's for breakfast pancakes...oh, the things a grandmother will do for her grandkids. I never step foot in McDonald's except when I am with them. :) But they like the play area so we usually have at least one stop there.

At least pancakes and juice can't be too terribly unhealthy, right? Then back to the hotel to finish packing up.

These kids are just way too much fun and I enjoy every minute with them! Making goofy faces--"happy,"

Not sure what we were doing here! haha

Just us--Aidan and Ally and Gigi

Then off to Starbucks to meet Sarah and Miles, who had been in Buffalo Gap for Miles' family reunion. We had a drink and visited for awhile before pulling out of town and heading back to Dallas. Ally and Elle are the best of friends and love seeing each other.

Susan and Miles
Elle being silly, Sarah and Beck

Sarah, Ally, Beck, Susan, Elle, Miles and Aidan

We packed a lot into a few days in Abilene and I was sad to leave Susan's family behind. I always say we have to think of these little trips as bonuses because we didn't necessarily plan on them or know they were going to happen. So it's all good! Can't wait till next time!

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