Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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We've had a little bit of snow. Today was windy, rainy and cold. I think I will have to admit that winter is on its way and that makes me glad that Rich and I are leaving on vacation next Tuesday. I know I just got back from Texas but that is what I like to call a "bonus trip" and next week we embark on our "scheduled vacation." I am fortunate that my husband has great benefits at his job and has been there so long that he has months of time off each year. And also fortunate that I only work part time and my boss is willing to let me take off to join my husband for his months of time off. Lucky, lucky us.

It's been crazy busy since I got back from Texas. Rich and I were sitting around talking about the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy (name any other city) and wishing we could join in. Yes, we are radical lefties at heart (and we do not apologize for it!) As an old community organizer (before "community" and "organizer" became two dirty words when placed side by side), I was itching to do something. We decided to invite our friends to occupy the Bering Sea with us in a symbolic show of solidarity for the 99%. We figured "Occupy the Bering Sea" was unique, as well as appropriate, because of where we live and how this place is best known. We went to the store and bought poster board and markers and sticky letters and got to work. In the shower on the morning of the action, I came up with "Corporate Greed = The Real Deadliest Catch" since you know what show is made out here on the Bering Sea, right? :)

We drove out to the beach on the spit, met our co-conspirators and hoisted our signs. Although it was only symbolic, somehow it made me feel better to connect with the rest of the people who are taking a stand. Later, we posted our pictures on Facebook and were amazed to see how quickly they spread, re-post by re-post. I uploaded a photo on CNN's i-Report and we heard back from a producer the next day, wanting us to answer some questions so we could be "vetted" for authenticity. We were later upgraded to "vetted by CNN" status with a producer's note added to our entry. :) The photo was picked up by some blogs and other media outlets so we enjoyed our few moments of fame, especially if it helped bring attention to the Occupy movement by showing that even a few people out on a remote island in the Aleutians get it. So that's what the photos in the previous post are all about!

Otherwise, we've just been swamped with work and trying to finish everything up before vacation. We fly to Anchorage on Tuesday and Honolulu on Wednesday, then straight over to Maui Wednesday night, where we're renting a condo from one of my coworkers. I can't wait for some sunshine and warm weather! We'll be in Maui for a week, then we're flying to San Diego, where Rich has convinced me to rent an RV and drive around southern California and vicinity for a couple of weeks. I've never pictured myself as an RV-er so we will see how this goes! I'm sure it will be (mostly) lots of fun and we will enjoy seeing lots of sights along the way. It may make for some interesting/amusing posts as well (if I can actually get enough of an internet fix at stops on the road) so stay tuned.

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