Friday, October 14, 2011

Making the Rounds, Part Ten and Final Installment: Finishing in Dallas

Bonnie and Emery left early Sunday morning and Sarah and Miles arrived home on Sunday afternoon. Elle and Beck went down for naps and Beck was already up but Elle was still asleep when Mommy and Daddy arrived. There were two very happy little ones when they saw who was home! What a sweet homecoming. I know the kids really missed their parents and Sarah and Miles were so happy to see their babies, though they had a wonderful trip and came home relaxed and refreshed.

Miles and Sarah bought an old house right behind their current house and are tearing it down to build a new one for themselves. They've been renting for a couple of years while they develop their business and build or remodel homes for others to buy. This was a great deal, basically a tear-down because it was in such bad shape, but they will be able to build something they really want in a neighborhood they love. We took a walk over to see what was happening on the demolition.

Back to the yard to visit and play till I had to go to the airport. Elle was funny; at one point she told me she didn't want me to leave and her parents could go on another trip because she liked it when I stayed with her; the next moment she told me I could drive myself to the airport in their car. I asked, "How would you get your car back?" She said someone would bring it. Then she said she was ready for me to leave: "You can go now!" I think she was a little afraid that, as long as I was there, it was possible that her parents WOULD leave again!

Two of my sweeties!

Elle took this photo of Sarah and me. And off to the airport we went...another fun trip comes to an end. I had a fabulous time with all three of the girls, their guys and the grandkids and I couldn't ask for a sweeter group. I love them like crazy! Till next time.....

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