Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Marches In

We've been having lots more snow, wind, a little rain, and cold temps. I am about ready for a tropical vacation. Texas in June will count. :) The other morning, I looked out the living room window and two huge eagles sat on the rail, staring in at the cats and me. Of course, the cats were very interested but it's a good thing they were inside, I think. Before I could get the camera, one of the birds flew away, but this one stayed for the longest time, sitting very still as the snow fell around him.

Happy 5th birthday to our sweet, funny, lively granddaughter, Ally! It is hard to believe she's turned 5 and will be a Kindergarten girl in the fall. When I'm in Abilene, she always wants to swim, shop, sing and play and we have so much fun doing it all. I didn't get to talk with her today because she was at day care while I was home and then I was at work when she got home, but hopefully tomorrow we will get to chat. Her mom said she was sick today so that could not be much fun for her birthday! Hopefully she will be much better by tomorrow. Happy birthday, Ally! We love you and miss you lots!

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