Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seriously? It's almost April!

I am trying not to be grumpy about the never-ending snow. It is March 31st, right?! I am so ready for a break in this weather! Meanwhile, happy birthday to my daughter Bonnie, above, with David and Emery. This is from last fall when I was in Texas, but she's now very pregnant with baby #2 whom we are anxious to meet in June! Bonnie's birthday was yesterday and we're sending out much love and many good wishes for a very happy year ahead.

And today is grandson Aidan's 9th birthday--I find it very hard to believe that he could already be 9 years old! He's my first grandchild and set the bar pretty high for being a very sweet and happy baby. Having only three girls in our family, we had no idea what to do with a boy but he did a good job of breaking in his mom, his Gigi and his two aunties. Now he's riding dirt bikes, playing baseball, hanging out with friends, and growing up before our eyes. We love you, Aidan, and can't wait to see you in the summer time!


Suzassippi said...

Sweet. I remember when Aidan was born, and holding that sweet boy. I still have his baby picture on my dresser!

PS: I am not a robot, but it takes 3 times to interpret these crazy fonts. Is that the point?

Gigi said...

He was such a sweetie! I still love those pictures.

Yeah, I can't read them half the time, either. Annoying!

Angela Jo Carson-Wright said...

Jane, you were the first to comment on my first blog and your words made me cry. In a good way. You are the best....

Anyway, I loved your cupcakes! You should have won! LOL