Monday, April 23, 2012

Food, Wine, Friends...a Lovely Evening Out

One of Rich's bigger events every year is the Convention and Visitors Bureau Wine Tasting Extravaganza fundraiser.  The CVB provides him with a wine list, which he then uses to come up with a delicious pairing menu.  Take a look!

Since Rich has to work at the event, I always have to find some friends who will let me tag along.  Crissy and Judi agreed to be my "dates."  We had a great time chatting and decided we'd go in together to bid on the Pen Air Grumman Goose "flightseeing tour."  This is a very cool auction item at several fundraisers around town, but tends to get a bit pricey. We thought we'd pool our money and take a chance.  And we were the high bidders!  Can't wait to go up in the Goose and see our island as never before. Rich is already thinking about the photo ops!

 I am a cheese lover!  Despite all of the other fabulous food items, I have to admit that the cheese table is one of my favorites!

Below, Lori and Debbie enjoying some wine.  (I am not sure what's up with this new Blogger format but it doesn't seem to want to let me type in certain places....annoying!)

 Veggie tarts

And meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Eddie, Paul and Willie make sure the food keeps coming out. I don't think anyone realizes just how many hours Rich and his crew put into an event like this. Great job, guys!

Ali and Alyssa from the CVB are getting ready to give away two round trip Alaska Air tickets. I was sure I was gonna win!  We were out of town for last year's wine tasting,  but for two years prior I was either the winner of the grand prize (not anything this good, though!) or sitting at the table with the winner (my friend Donna won a cruise on a ticket that I picked up for her....oh, I should have handed her the other one, right?!)   So I kept saying that I am always at the "lucky table."  I needed those tickets!!   Alas, it was not to be, but the "lucky table" held true and my friend Crissy won the tickets!  Yay!  If it couldn't be me, I am glad she was the fortunate recipient.  I don't suppose I can talk her into taking me on a trip....

 Tom pouring wine,  and my coworkers Joe and Alexandra
Lori and someone who still thinks it's winter...

Peach/mango cheesecake with little peppercorns--a perfect pairing with the Moscato.  I had two.  :)

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