Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gigi's keeper's box

It's a cliche but it really is the little things that warm a grandparent's heart. Today we received this photo of Aidan in his baseball uniform, looking very serious and fierce. It kinda cracks me up because I think of him as such a sweet kid and here he is trying to be intimidating or something. :) Our boy is growing up! But the best thing about our mail delivery was that he wrote us a note himself. It says,

"Dear Gigi and Grandpa Rich,
Here is a baseball picture I thought you might want. Baseball is so much fun. I wish you could come and watch. I love you and miss you! Aidan xoxo"

When my girls were growing up, they each had what we came to call their "keeper's box." Their boxes held congratulations cards from their births to high school graduation announcements and everything in between. I think they still get them out from time to time and reminisce about the many memories held within. :) Probably the last thing I need to be doing at my age is to accumulate more and more keepsakes that someone else will have to one day sort through and throw away (I hate that thought!) But I love my grandbabies' birth announcements and birthday party invitations and many, many photos, and scribbled artwork and notes written by their moms before they could write for themselves. I really do get severely emotionally attached to these little mementos!

So thanks, Aidan, for the sweet note--you made your Gigi very happy! It will be fun to pull it back out when you are a teenager and remember the days of 9 year old baseball. And I wish we could be there to watch you play! We love you.

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Suzassippi said...

Love the photo, and the story.