Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back Home

We flew in on July 18 so we've been back for awhile but I am finally catching up!  Here's our approach.

 Home, sweet home!
 Although there's still snow on the mountains, it's nice and green and the flowers are coming out.

 Shell is here this summer, getting ready to move to the Arctic. That's the Tor Viking.

 White and purple lupine

USAFV (Unalaskans Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence) had a bonfire and we released these cool lanterns with wishes for peace and hope in the world.

 And the Greenpeace boat Esperanza was here for a few days
while the Coast Guard kept watch.  Greenpeace has an injunction against it and cannot get close to any of the Shell boats or equipment. 

Last weekend we held the annual Tundra Golf Classic, a fundraiser for my job.  It's always a lot of crazy fun playing golf in the Aleutian tundra. We don't have a real golf course here so we lay out some astro-turf "holes" and people have a blast.  Unfortunately the weather was not the best this year. We usually work out of a big tent but with high winds expected, we couldn't take a chance on losing or ruining the tent. So we hauled all of our equipment in a 15 passenger van and used it as our office.  A little disorganized but at least we stayed warm.  Here's Melanie volunteering,  handing out golf balls and clubs in the rain.  We have some hard core golfers and still had 16 teams show up despite the weather.

We had high winds, driving rain, and moments of calm and clear skies.  But it was chilly enough for a hat.  :)  Below is a little glimpse of Aleutian style golf.  There are lots more photos on KUCB's Facebook page if you want to take a look. 
And our tomatoes are still going strong!  We have red tomatoes, ripening tomatoes, green tomatoes, little tomatoes and just-beginning tomatoes.  I'm so proud of them!

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