Sunday, August 5, 2012

Elle's Little Leonardos Class

While we were in Dallas, Elle was attending a weekly class called Little Leonardos at the Museum of Science and Nature so I got to tag along.  They were studying planets and outer space through various art projects. 
 Listening to instructions
 Using shapes to make a rocket
Doing an experiment:  Blow up a balloon, secure it with a clothespin, tape your spacecraft to the top of the balloon, tape the balloon to a string, take off the clothespin and watch the spacecraft fly down the string as the air shoots out of the balloon. Pretty cool!

 Making a papier-mache rocket

Working on her solar system poster

Elle was very attentive and loved working on everything.  It was lots of fun to see her participating and working on the various tasks.  After class, we wandered around the museum a little longer. What an enjoyable morning!

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