Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye Dallas Family!

 Elle and Miles at the splashpad
 Sarah and her friend Candace (and baby Finn)
 Beck having lunch
 Miles and Beck
 Beck, Miles and Elle
 Miles and Elle
 Miles, Elle and Charlie
 On the back porch at home
 Elle and Sarah
 Gigi and her sweeties
 Elle, Sarah, Miles and Beck

Even though we'd been in Texas for a month, it always seems like vacation flies by and too soon it's time to leave!  I always hate to say goodbye and it seems like the kids grow and change so much between visits.  I miss them a lot but am happy we manage to visit fairly often.  We had a wonderful time in Amarillo, Abilene and Dallas and SO much fun with everyone!  We love you all and can't wait till next time!

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