Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seriously? It's almost April!

I am trying not to be grumpy about the never-ending snow. It is March 31st, right?! I am so ready for a break in this weather! Meanwhile, happy birthday to my daughter Bonnie, above, with David and Emery. This is from last fall when I was in Texas, but she's now very pregnant with baby #2 whom we are anxious to meet in June! Bonnie's birthday was yesterday and we're sending out much love and many good wishes for a very happy year ahead.

And today is grandson Aidan's 9th birthday--I find it very hard to believe that he could already be 9 years old! He's my first grandchild and set the bar pretty high for being a very sweet and happy baby. Having only three girls in our family, we had no idea what to do with a boy but he did a good job of breaking in his mom, his Gigi and his two aunties. Now he's riding dirt bikes, playing baseball, hanging out with friends, and growing up before our eyes. We love you, Aidan, and can't wait to see you in the summer time!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Spring!

Yes, the calendar says it's now spring but Ajax doesn't quite believe it and neither do I!

Here's the view from our bedroom window a few days ago.

I know I am not supposed to complain about the weather but I am really OVER winter this year! I looked out the window today and it was snowing again. I am sure it's the harshest winter since I've lived here and Rich agrees it's one of the worst in his 18+ years on the island. And it hasn't hurt that I've usually managed to be off somewhere during at least part of the coldest/dreariest times in the past, so my perspective is probably skewed. I am having to tough it out this year and it's making me a little moody! I know it's not the biggest thing in the world to be whining about, so I will leave it at that and hope for a sunny, warmish day soon.

I came across this inspiring video the other day and LOVED it. What a different world we would have if we adopted a giftivistic attitude. Check it out by clicking here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Marches In

We've been having lots more snow, wind, a little rain, and cold temps. I am about ready for a tropical vacation. Texas in June will count. :) The other morning, I looked out the living room window and two huge eagles sat on the rail, staring in at the cats and me. Of course, the cats were very interested but it's a good thing they were inside, I think. Before I could get the camera, one of the birds flew away, but this one stayed for the longest time, sitting very still as the snow fell around him.

Happy 5th birthday to our sweet, funny, lively granddaughter, Ally! It is hard to believe she's turned 5 and will be a Kindergarten girl in the fall. When I'm in Abilene, she always wants to swim, shop, sing and play and we have so much fun doing it all. I didn't get to talk with her today because she was at day care while I was home and then I was at work when she got home, but hopefully tomorrow we will get to chat. Her mom said she was sick today so that could not be much fun for her birthday! Hopefully she will be much better by tomorrow. Happy birthday, Ally! We love you and miss you lots!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catch Up Time

It's been a little crazy around here again! I've been busy getting ready for the annual Channel 8 fundraising auction, which was a blast, as usual. The photo above is a view of our behind the scenes TV set. We had a great time and raised some money for our station, so all is grand. The hotel, along with Rich and F&B Manager Lisa, offered a wine and food pairing again this year, a private 7 course dinner for 8 people, and it was the high seller at the auction for $1300! Very nice!

Below, my friend Judi makes beautiful quilts for the fundraising efforts of all the local nonprofits (that's also her "manly hibernation quilt" hanging behind the couch on the auction set). In addition to that, she makes "comfort quilts" for people going through times of stress, whether it's a illness, a death in the family, or any number of other reasons someone might need some extra TLC. She sent a sweet quilt to Emery when she was recovering from her treatment. So the local museum decided that Judi should be honored with her own exhibit and many of her quilts were gathered up for the display. The opening was held the other night and we had a lovely time browsing and chatting.


Tammy admiring a quilt

Next up was bunco night at my house last night. My awesome husband spent his whole day off making food for us. Here's his Latin Cobb Salad, which was a huge hit, especially the grilled shrimp.

Andrea and Juliette

We also had a citrus/fennel/herb salad, and many other delicious items not shown here. Everyone loves bunco at my house but, alas, I don't think it's necessarily because of me. LOL

Debbie and Sharon

Erin, Pipa, me, Melanie, and Tammy

Tonya and Lori

As Melanie commented, we look pretty happy and healthy for four months into a six month winter! We're supposed to do the Polar Bear Run *Walk* today but it's drizzly and rainy and chilly so I am probably going to wimp out. I know, I should be more motivated, but I have so much I need to do that I will gladly skip this one!

My ESL/GED class has turned into mostly a GED class and my students are great--I really enjoy them and don't (too much) mind the early hours. I really did not anticipate how many hours it would take outside of class to prepare and stay organized, though! They are all at different places and we can work on some things together, but I also feel like everyone needs some individual attention, which is hard to come by.

I'm plodding along in swimming; I missed last week because of the auction and showed up yesterday to be reminded that next week is our last class. How can that be? I still don't know what I am doing! Well, I am better than I was, but I could probably use several more months of lessons! :)

I was doing great on my 750 words a day till I got home late from the auction (yes, I am blaming the auction for any of my failures) and the internet was down. OH NO. I had signed up for the February challenge, which means I am now on the WALL OF SHAME for pledging to write every day and then failing to do so. It's all in fun, but I had a 53 day streak going and hated to lose it. SO I am taking a little break and thought I might start back on March 1, but that didn't happen.

What's going on in your little corner of the world?