Friday, March 15, 2013

Whirlwind Texas Trip, Part II

I had a quick flight to Amarillo, with an Unalaska style landing--very windy and bumpy!  Bonnie and the kids were there to meet me and I was thrilled to see them, as you might expect!  Emery had dance class that night and here she is, all ready to go.  Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to watch so Bonnie and I took the opportunity to run some errands while Emery was in class.  The teacher told Bonnie that Emery likes the tap dancing part but does not like ballet. She will sit on the floor and refuse to participate!  Bonnie tried to bribe her this night and told her she could have a sucker if she participated.  When we picked her up, Bonnie asked her teacher if she'd done ballet or not--no, she didn't want to.  We later asked Emery why she didn't want to dance during the ballet part of class. She replied that it was hard and she just didn't want to try.  LOL At least she is honest!

We had a full, busy day on Saturday, with a baby shower and two birthday parties to attend.  I was excited to get to go with Bonnie to this baby shower because it was for a friend of my girls who danced with them for many years in Abilene and ended up in Amarillo, too. Rebecca is a teacher at the same high school as Bonnie and David--small world, huh?  I was thrilled to see her mom and grandmother at the shower--Rebecca's mom Susan and I were "dance moms" together and kindred spirits in many ways.  It was serendipitous that we were both in town at the same time!  Emery wanted to "help" Rebecca; she was in the big middle of everything and Rebecca was very sweet to indulge her.  We made it to the first birthday party late and then everyone was exhausted so we skipped the second one. Whew! I forgot how busy it is when you have little ones!

My niece Bryana and her family live in Amarillo now and they have a new baby, Daisy.  Bryana's parents, my ex brother in law Bryan and his wife Lisa, as well as Bryana's sister Emily and her two daughters, came to visit while I was in town, so I was excited to get to see them, too.  Here are Bryana, Emily with Daisy, and Bonnie with Luke.  We pretty much took over the TV room at their hotel to hang out and have dinner.  It was great fun to catch up with everyone.
 Bryana's husband Seth and my son in law David

Emery with her second cousins Madison and Kailey (Emily's daughters).  They were so sweet with Emery and she had lots of fun with them. 

 Bryana's two sweeties, Lilly and Daisy

 Lisa and her newest granddaughter.  We raised our six daughters together and now it seems very strange to have so many grandchildren between us!  She is way ahead of me with #9 on the way.

Another day we took the kids and met Lisa and her girls and grandkids at the park where we fed the ducks and let the little ones play.

Bryana, me, Lisa, Madison, Emily and baby Daisy in the stroller.

On Monday, Bonnie and David went back to their teaching jobs and I got to stay with Emery and Luke for the morning. Bonnie is just working half days this year so we had barely had breakfast, washed up, put clothes on and played a little bit and Mommy was home.  Luke had not seen me since his birth, so no matter how much I want to act like he has some memory of that, I have to admit he did not know me at all.  He was not a big Gigi fan as long as his mama was around so I was a little concerned that he would be upset when he woke up in the morning and I was there instead of Bonnie. But he got up with a smile on his face and was happy the whole time we were together. Yay!
After Bonnie got home from work, we took the kids to the Discovery Center to see a dinosaur exhibit. Emery is very much into dinosaurs at the moment so she had a ball.  She has a bunch of toy dinosaurs at home and would put them into her doll house or have tea parties with them.  :)

 Luke is a really sweet and happy boy!  Here we are hanging out in the bathroom while sister has her bath.
 Getting ready for bed
Another morning of babysitting--Emery drawing and Luke playing with toys.
It was another very quick trip, packed with fun with the kids and Bonnie and David.  I have friends in Amarillo and didn't even have a chance to call. Next time I definitely need to stay longer with each of my girls!

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