Saturday, March 16, 2013

Whirlwind Texas Trip, Part III

I left Amarillo and flew to Abilene, which necessitated a plane change in Dallas.  The joke in West Texas is that "even on your way to hell, you have to go through DFW."  Such a pain that there are no direct flights.  I was excited to see Susan, Corey and kids upon arrival!  It was dinner time and we'd made arrangements to meet up with some friends so we headed straight for a new place called Abi Haus in downtown Abilene.  Our friend Kyle is the chef there and we got to visit with him briefly, though I failed to get a photo!  We enjoyed our dinner and visiting with Sherri, Karen, and Jim. 
Thursday and Friday I took the kids to school while their parents went to work.  Susan and Corey just bought their first house in Clyde and I'm thrilled for them that they have their own place!  It's really nice and roomy with a big back yard and a trampoline....what more do you need?!
 Yes, the kids talked me into jumping on the trampoline.  I am not excited about the accentuated belly flab showing in this photo but I did want to prove that all the cool grannies get out there and participate despite bladder issues and having to run to the house almost immediately.  :)  We laughed and laughed and had a big ole time.
Our little Ally turned 6 while I was in town so I got to celebrate with her.  She came home from school wearing a crown from her teacher and carrying certificates naming her Student of the Month--so it was quite a day for our girl!
 That night we went out to dinner for Ally's bday and then took the kids to Prime Time to play.  In keeping with my cool status, I also rode the bumper cars, which brought on another fit of laughter for all.  I had no idea what I was doing.
 Corey and Aidan
 My cute girls
 We opened presents at home
Aidan will turn 10 at the end of the month (how is that possible?) so Susan and I took the kids to Gatti's for lunch the next day and celebrated his bday early with pizza and more games.

Aidan loves Lego projects and picked out another big one for his gift.  Usually he and Grandpa Rich work on these together and spend hours making various intricate vehicles but Aidan is getting good enough at it to make this one on his own. Good thing, since Gigi is inept and Grandpa was not along for this trip!

 Usually when I go to Abilene, I've stayed with my friend Karen or in a hotel because Susan and Corey didn't have much space.  This time was great fun because we got to hang out at home, cook meals, relax till bedtime, and spend time together in the morning. 

 Corey, Susan, Aidan and Ally
 Aidan also had a music program at school so I went to hear him and the other 3rd graders at 2 PM and then back again that night with his family. They did such a great job! I was really impressed with how well they sang together, harmonizing, and singing different parts.  Excellent, 3rd graders!  One of the things I miss about being so far away is that I don't get to attend their programs, games, and activities.  If I lived in town with any of them, you  know I would always be there!
My last day I said goodbye to Ally, who was going to Brady to spend Spring Break with Corey's grandmother.  We then went out to the track to watch Aidan ride his bike for a couple of hours before I got back on the plane and returned to Dallas for one more night.
 He's getting way too grown up!
Another leg of the journey complete! I missed some of my good friends this time--the trip was so short and it just ended up being unworkable.  Note to self: plan a longer trip next time!

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