Sunday, March 17, 2013

Whirlwind Texas Trip, Part IV

After a delayed flight out of Abilene, I spent one more night and most of a day in Dallas with Sarah's family before heading home to Alaska.  Monday was busy, as Sarah had an appointment and then Elle was scheduled to get her cast off later in the day so I stayed at the house with my sweet boy, Beck. 

We were a little worried about how Elle would do with the cast removal since Sarah had been warned that they used some sort of saw and that it would be noisy.  She was told to prepare Elle for this so we had a little talk about the "cast removing tool" that would be used and how it might be pretty loud.  Sarah texted me from the doctor's office saying Elle did great but the doc decided the arm was not quite where he wanted it to be so he was having another cast put on for 10 more days.
 New cast--pink this time!
 Another cast?  No big deal!
 Sarah and her sweeties
 Gigi and one of her best girls
Miles is a busy guy but I caught a quick glimpse of him as I was out the door to the airport and he was taking the kids to Elle's soccer practice.

It's always hard to say goodbye to  my girls, guys, and precious grandkids.  I know I am the most biased person around when it comes to my family but I could not ask for better.  My girls are all kind and caring people, great moms, and lots of fun.  I am not sure how I lucked out and got the three best sons-in-law in the world, but I did.  :)  And these grandkids make life all the sweeter.  I could not be more grateful.  I love y'all and can't wait till the next visit!


Anonymous said...

I check on your blog everyday, I really enjoy it. Your trip reports are the very best. You have such a great family.

Gigi said...

Thanks! Such fun to see everyone, just not enough time. :) xoxox

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