Thursday, August 22, 2013

ESL Summer Session

We had a short 6 week session of ESL classes this summer. My original thought was that we should do an intensive GED class because I sometimes feel that the GED students do not get enough attention when they are mixed in with the English language students.  Unfortunately there were not enough GED students to make a full class but I was happy to see many of my ESL participants eager to come to summer school, along with a few new ones.  Above, Yumiko, Haroun and Ibrahim.
Class actually ended on July 30 but I have many Muslim students from Africa who were observing Ramadan so we decided to wait till Ramadan was over before having a party at my house as we usually do at the close of a session.  I commented that Alaska in the summer time is certainly not the best place to have to fast from sun up to sun down!  It stays light so late!  I didn't realize that they cannot have anything to eat OR drink, including water.  So they were all working very long days with not even a swig of water to help them through it.    Above, Ahmed, Baciliso, Sandra and Anita.
I had asked Rich several weeks ago if he would mind fixing food for us on the 15th, and, as usual,  he never says no when I ask him to help me out.  I knew that his sister would be leaving on the 13th but I didn't think it would be any big deal to then throw a dinner party two nights later!  What was I thinking?? Thankfully, the house was still fairly clean from preparing for Vesta's arrival, but Rich was pretty busy at work and then had a lot more to do once he got home.  I felt so guilty that I even made a cake myself so he wouldn't have to mess with dessert. LOL  We went with a little easier menu this time and everything turned out great.  Above, Mohamed, Aldouma, Thao and her husband Tom.
As I have said many times before, I absolutely love my students and they are the nicest people anyone could meet.  They are hard working, dedicated, kind, friendly, and lots of fun!  Juanita and Yumiko, above, have been with me for several sessions now and just get better and better with their skills.
 The required group shot with a few people missing.
 Ibrahim and Haroun in our yard on their way out
Arnoldo and Yumiko

We are on a little break and then will start a 12 week session in early September.  To be honest, some days I think I would like to have my evenings free again but once the new session gets going, I always have a blast.  It's been so rewarding to see my students grow in confidence and accomplish so much.  Living in Texas for so many years, I couldn't even pick up enough Spanish to get by! These lovely individuals are quite an inspiration.

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