Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Vesta's Visit

 We took Vesta on our favorite hike, the Ugadaga Bay Trail, which winds all the way down to the Pacific Ocean.

Crossing a little stream
 On the rocky beach at Beaver Inlet

Hiking back out is the hard part!
Taking a little rest
We ran into this cute little fox on the way back.  He was not bothered by us at all and just sat there while we took photos
 I showed Vesta around the radio studio and she and Rich recorded station IDs for KUCB
We had a very full and busy week with lots of sightseeing, conversation, laughter, reminiscing, and great food by Rich.
To continue with the full Aleutian flying experience, we got to the airport to check Vesta in and she'd been cancelled off all of her flights. Apparently when she had to go standby to get out here, the fact that she did not board her original flight set off a chain reaction and all her return flights fell away.  We were told "someone" should have protected the return flights and failed to do so.  And to top it off, her flight out of Unalaska was now full.  Luckily, our local folks were able to get her back on her flight from here and rebooked on flights from ANC to SEA and on to Fresno.  Whew.
 We're really glad she got to come and see us!
Boarding Pen Air
Up, up, and away! 

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