Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vesta Comes to Visit

Rich's sister Vesta came to see us for a week.  We had a great time and enjoyed showing her around our island home.  She got to experience the full Aleutian travel experience when her flight got cancelled in Anchorage due to mechanical problems and she had to find a hotel at the height of the expensive summer season.  She had many frustrating moments trying to get rebooked, but luckily arrived only one day later than scheduled.  I was working most of the week since our Tundra Golf fundraiser was coming up on the weekend so Vesta and Rich got to hang out and take some photos in our gorgeous scenery.

We were fortunate that our friend Sharon was giving a tour of the Cathedral of the Holy Ascension, the historic Russian Orthodox Church,  and we were able to join in.  No photos are allowed inside the cathedral but we were happy that Vesta could see it and learn some of the history of the Russian Orthodox church in Unalaska.  Below is a photo of the grounds and cemetery outside.

Another day we took a four hour tour of the island with Bobbie Lekanoff, who has lived here for many years.  Although Rich and I have been here for awhile, we learned more about the island's history as well.  The day was a little overcast and drizzly but we still enjoyed ourselves.
 Looking out of the big bunker on Mt. Ballyhoo
 Looking out from Mt. Ballyhoo

I had to work at the Tundra Golf Classic so Rich and Vesta came by to say hi.

 It's always a crazy fun time playing golf in the tundra!
And I love the costumes!

Our news team, summer intern Audrey, newly promoted News Director Lauren, and departing News Director Stephanie, plus Stephanie's mom
 At home--look at all my fun stuff on the fridge.  :)
 Rich and Ajax

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