Thursday, July 17, 2014

Aidan and Ally's Summer Adventure

July 14, we loaded up the rental car and headed for Dallas in advance of our flight the next day.  The kids were great in the car and we made good time, didn't get lost even once!  Aidan is fake sleeping in this photo and Ally is being silly wearing her swim goggles.

 Passing the time working on word searches and puzzles.

 Yes, we're having fun!
 Passed this truck carrying caskets and a message "Please drive safely. Heaven can wait."  :)
We'd reserved a room at the Hyatt Regency at DFW so we wouldn't have far to go the next day.  The kids had been looking forward to swimming so we found the pool soon after checking in. Unfortunately, some storms started rolling in and we had to get out pretty quickly when we saw lighting and heard thunder!  I learned that Ally is quite frightened by thunder and was nearly in a panic till we could get back inside.
After our brief swim, we changed and ate dinner at the hotel.  Wowie, even kids' meals are pricey at the Hyatt. After adding in our drinks and two desserts to share, our bill was scary!
We had a view of the runway and the kids enjoyed standing out on our small balcony to watch the planes take off and land.
All along I'd been saying that our flight was at 2:30 the next day.  As we were lying in bed that night, I started thinking, "Hmmm, no, I think we ARRIVE in Salt Lake City at 2:30.  Wonder what time we are actually leaving!"  I got up to check our itinerary and sure enough, we were scheduled to leave DFW at 12:45. OOOPS.  Thank goodness I checked that night or we would have been in a panic the next day...if we'd even thought to look before it was too late. Whew!

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