Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Joy of Summer

We left on our long-awaited vacation on Thursday.  Three flights later, we arrived in Dallas before 6 AM.  Not much fun flying all night and not being able to rest very well, but I'm happy the trip was uneventful and we arrived safely at DFW.  It took us forever to find our rental car in a huge lot with a poorly marked signs and we headed out with the intention of going to Sarah and Miles' house for a shower and a nap before meeting our property manager at our new house (that we are presently renting out).  We were also going to meet up with my niece Alana and her son Oren because they were traveling through Dallas about the same time we'd be finished with our appointment.  However, after seeing the horrendous traffic at 7:30 AM (everyone on their way to work, I guess), we made a quick decision to change plans and drive directly to Susan and Corey's in Clyde.  I should say that Sarah and Miles and their kids had already left on their road trip to Jackson Hole, so we really were just going to be using their house, not ditching them!

Aidan and Ally on their trampoline
I texted the property manager that we needed to reschedule, texted my sis to get her to send apologies to my niece, checked with Rich to make sure he was up for the drive, then we turned around and set course for I-20.  About halfway into the trip, Rich was feeling the exhaustion so we pulled off into a truck stop, napped for about an hour, grabbed some breakfast, and then continued the drive.

We finally got to Susan and Corey's at noon time, so Susan came home from work for lunch and Corey was home at the time (since he works odd shifts).  It was great to see them and catch up on on the happenings!  Susan went back to work, we hung out for the afternoon, and then I rode with Susan to go pick up her kids who had been with Corey's grandmother in Brady.  We had fun chatting on the way and, of course, I was super excited to see Aidan and Ally at the pick-up point!  They have grown up since I last saw them, but are still my little sweeties!

We came home and played outside for awhile.  Oh, to be young and have this much energy!

Bike riding in the sunshine

We ordered pizza, played games, and stayed up way too late, but it's vacation, right?!  I slept really well last night after not much rest the day before.  Today we've been out shopping for some much needed summer clothes for Rich, a few more items for the kids, and a dress for me to wear to my niece's wedding.  We are about to meet some friends for dinner tonight.  We'll be here till the 14th, when we'll overnight in Dallas and then take the kids with us on a plane to Salt Lake City. From there, we're renting a car and driving to Jackson Hole for my niece's wedding and a bit of a family reunion.  A couple of days after the wedding, we're borrowing my brother and sister in law's RV and taking the kids on a little road trip to Yellowstone and environs.  We're looking forward to making lots of great memories!  I'm not sure how often I will be able to post but will try to keep up with it as best I can.  I don't think I ever even finished posting our last vacation so I am not making any promises. haha  Happy summer, everyone!  Now that I am finally back in the hot country, I feel like summer has begun in earnest!

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