Friday, July 25, 2014

Jackson, Wyoming

We arrived in Jackson the afternoon of July 16 and checked into our condo at the Aspens.  Sarah, Miles, Elle and Beck were already there and staying not far from us.  We got to keep all four grandkids that night and went out for a walk after dinner.  Above, Elle, Ally, Beck and Aidan.
 These girls were so happy to see each other and told us they wished they were sisters.  Too cute!
Beck showing off his balancing skills
 They all had a ball picking flowers and blowing the puffy dandelions into the air.

 Wyoming cousin of the Aleutian lupine

We've been having a great time and have not had much of a chance to post.  At the moment, we are traveling with Aidan and Ally in my brother's RV and have not had internet at many of our stops. The kids  have been great fun!  Will try to catch up as I can!

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Suzassippi said...

These kids are adorable, and the photographs are outstanding! (Must be Rich :) Ally and Elle look enough alike to be sisters, don't they?

Hope you are having a great time!