Friday, August 15, 2014

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

We met up with Sarah and Miles and took the kids to Teton Village where we rode the aerial tram.  Saw lots of paragliders!
In 15 minutes, the aerial tram glides 4,139 vertical feet from the base of Teton Village to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.  The summit offers a 360 degree view of the Snake River Valley, Grand Teton National Park and the Gros Ventre Range in the distance.

 Once at the top, we wandered around for a bit and took in the beautiful sights.
 Beck, Gigi and Ally

 Miles in back, Jane, Ally, Elle, Sarah, Beck and Aidan

 I think this looks like one of those photos in a magazine that says "celebrities are just like us."  :)

 The kids looking out of the tram on the way down
 Later the bigger kids went on the alpine slide at Snow King with Rich and Miles while Sarah and I took Beck to the park.  Miles and Elle on the chairlift going 2500 ft. up the mountain!

 Aidan heading down
Rich rode with Ally and all he got was this picture of her hair!  They had big fun on the slide!

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Suzassippi said...

You were on vacation with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Cool.