Saturday, August 16, 2014

Family Fun

We were in Jackson Hole for my niece Nicole's wedding.  After the wedding party completed their rehearsal on the Friday night before the wedding, we were all invited to join them at my brother and sister in law's restaurant, Pizza Artisan, for dinner.  We were happy to see lots of family there!  My cousin Robert, above, used to live in Maryland but has recently retired to one of the Carolinas, with Mom, and my mom's cousin Mike's wife Sandy, both from New Jersey.
 Sarah and my mom
 My Uncle Bill (Mom's brother) in from North Carolina, and my cousin Robert (on my dad's side)
 Miles and Sarah
 My Aunt Ginny and Aunt Mary from New Jersey.  Aunt Gin was married to my Uncle Kirby, my dad's brother. Aunt Mary is my dad's sister, still going strong at age 91.
 Ally, Rich, Miles, Elle and Sarah
 My brother Joe, father of the bride, and my cousin Robert's wife Felicia
 The kids LOVED dancing later that night.  We had to drag them away when it was time to go home!

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