Monday, August 25, 2014

Road Trip

My brother and sister in law have an RV and were kind enough to loan it to us so we could take Aidan and Ally on a road trip.  First we met up with Sarah and Miles and kids for breakfast as they were heading to Colorado and back home to Texas.  We really enjoyed having this time with them, even though it was super busy and we did not get to see anyone as much as we would have liked.  Big family gatherings are a blast but it's hard to get that one-on-one time with anyone for very long!

Since we did not leave till afternoon, we decided to spend the first two nights at Colter Bay, not all that far from Jackson.
 Lots of buffalo on the side of the road!
 First night's camp and Aidan helps Grandpa get a fire started while Ally supervises

 Breakfast in the AM
 Aidan learns the fine art of "dumping!"

We enjoyed walking around our campground, reading ghost stories at night, chatting and laughing and hanging out!

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