Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives"

A couple of months ago, my brother and sister in law's restaurant, Sidewinders American Grill, was selected to appear on the Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" with Guy Fieri. Serendipitously, the new season kicked off while we were in Jackson and Sidewinders was one of the featured spots on the premiere episode. We all went to Sidewinders for a watch party and had a blast.  That's my mom's cousin Mike sitting with my Uncle Bill's wife Donna above.
 Mike's wife Sandy and Uncle Bill (and Aidan and Rich behind them)
 My niece Jordan
My sister Kathi, Mom, and Aunt Gin
 Cousin Robert and his wife Felicia
 My niece Vicki and her sons Asher and Alden
 My sister Kathi and me
My Aunt Dolores and Uncle George came in from Utah. Uncle George is my Dad's brother, now age 86.
My brother Joe with Guy Fieri on the show.  Joe had some pretty funny lines and cracked us up several times.
 More of the show

Uncle George and Aunt Mary, siblings
 My niece Nicole, Joe's oldest daughter, and the bride to be, with her groom to be, Tyler
 Aidan and Grandpa Rich
 Gigi and Ally
 Felicia, my Aunt Teresa (another of my dad's sisters, age 89) and her daughter, my cousin TM.

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Suzassippi said...

That is a whole lot of family going on. It always is so amazing to me how much ya'll all look alike--got that smile perfected across generations. LOL