Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another beautiful day in Jackson

We went out to my brother and sister in law's home to catch up with more family who'd arrived in town.  My nephew Ryan, his wife Vicki, their son Alden, my niece Jordan (all from San Antonio) and Sarah chatting
 Aunt Gin and Mom enjoying the weather
 Ally thought it was a little cold for a Texas girl
 Aidan hanging out in the big wedding reception tent
Elle in the tent.  Ally and Elle were convinced that they were going to get to sing two songs from the movie "Frozen" at the reception. They practiced and practiced on the stage and in the car and at the condo.  It was pretty hard to explain to them that the bride and groom had already chosen their music for the event and that they were probably not going to get to perform!
 My great nephew Asher
Then we went into Jackson and walked around downtown for awhile.  Of course we had to have a photo of the kids under the giant antler arch.  :)

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