Monday, August 25, 2014

Jenny Lake

Rich played a trick on Aidan and gave him a tiny pancake for breakfast.  I believe Aidan's words were "You've GOT to be kidding!"

We met up with my mom, my sister, and my sister's clan to take a little ferry across Jenny Lake and hike up to Hidden Falls.  My niece had been talking with a woman at the wedding reception who told her the hike was "easy and flat."  It was NOT flat and not super easy so my poor mom had to sit on a bench and wait for the rest of us.

Mom and me
On the ferry

  Hiking to Hidden Falls

 Aidan, Asher, Ally, Alden...some of the "A" cousins!

We had lots of fun, got some exercise, got really hot,  and then met up with the rest of the family at my brother's for dinner.

 Sarah and me
 My brother and sister in law's "compound."  :)

 View from their yard
 My niece Jordan and nephew Ryan
 Joe explaining something really important, I'm sure!

 Vicki and Alden
 Sarah, Beck and Jordan
 My cousin TM and her husband Rick
Ally had fun with sparklers left over from the wedding

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