Monday, August 25, 2014

Jackson Lake boat trip...and who knew it would be so hard to find the marina again when we were finished?

Aidan wanted to get some kayaks but Grandpa talked everyone into taking a motorboat ride on Jackson Lake. We saw some neat boats in the marina and thought we'd be renting one of those. But NO, we got a little tin can with an outboard motor on the back.  :)
 Still, when the staff person gave us our orientation, he said once we were out of the no-wake area, we could "go as fast as the motor will allow."  Cooool!
Little did we know that the "fastest" the motor would allow would be a very slow putt, putt, putt.  We had two hours to explore the area, which we thought would be WAY too much time.  LOL It took us the whole two hours to get to the end of the boundary and back.
 Still, it was a beautiful, sunny day, and the scenery was gorgeous.

We headed back to the marina to turn in the boat.  We turned off where we thought we were supposed to turn off, but it was not the marina. We went on.  The marina was nowhere in sight. We were over our two hour limit.  Ally began to get scared because we were LOST!
We kept laughing it off and assuring her it was no big deal. I mean, how LOST can you get on a lake in broad daylight??  Apparently pretty darned LOST.  Rich and I could not understand how we could have totally missed the silly place.
 Something was pretty funny, but I can't remember what!
Eventually, we figured out we'd gone WAY too far past the marina (and out of the assigned boundaries--uh-oh~!!)  We had to backtrack, which Rich hates to do!  We had to ask some people "Hey, where's the marina??!" and they directed us around a bend.  Okay, it was kinda hidden and not all that easy to find, truth be told.  We should have paid better attention on the way out, that is for sure.  When we got back, the staffer told us we weren't the first ones to get confused and have trouble getting back--kinda wish they'd made a point of telling us this before we left!  So we paid for our extra thirty minutes and shuffled away, somewhat sheepishly.  :)  PS Rich got super sunburned from sitting in one spot the whole time, handling the steering.  Apparently he missed a few places with the sunscreen.  One of his ankles was SO burned and sore for several days that he could hardly walk on it.  Oh, and very swollen, too.  I thought he should probably have it looked at but do you think he would do that? No.  :)

 What's a campout without s'mores??


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