Monday, July 7, 2008

Hiking up the Face of Bunker Hill

What a gorgeous day! I didn't get home till after 6, having responded to a mental health emergency at the clinic. We hated to waste the sunshine and warmth by staying inside...we really don't see too many days like this one. Because I'm on call, I can't venture too far away or out of range of the clinic's cell phone so we decided to take a hike up the front side of Bunker Hill, something we've never done before. As we were driving over to the starting point, we noticed a guy hang-gliding right at the top of the hill so we had to stop and get some photos of this adventurous soul. We have watched him from our house on occasion, though we have no idea who he is. It can be awfully windy here at times and I would think it could be a dangerous activity! We drove to the base of Bunker and started up the trail, which was just blanketed with a multitude of gorgeous wildflowers. I was so excited to see my favorite little ladyslippers coming out. It was a fairly leisurely hike, a bit of a climb, but not too steep; the only real trouble came with some muddy, slippery places and I did hit my butt a couple of times. haha The hang-glider kept swooping past us and floating on the breeze above us--very cool. What an amazing view from the top!


Kristinn said...

You are an AMAZING photographer! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful photos and memories. It's fun "sight-seeing" with you.

Gigi said...

Thanks, 99% of the photos are Rich's. He has a good eye. :)