Sunday, October 5, 2008

Playing Catch-up

With lots going on at work, meetings or activities almost every night and, oh no, internet issues, I have not had time to post in awhile. I know I am way too dependent on the internet. I was having severe withdrawal while was reportedly working on some sort of "switch" and changing something related to the satellite or whatever they decided to tell us so we would think we would have improved service when we got back on. Finally had service tonight and I can't tell a bit of difference.

Thursday night we had another debate watch party--well, actually, two different parties, so Rich and I stopped in at both. It was great fun hanging out and yelling at Sarah Palin when she went on and on with her nonsensical non-answers. At the second party, we got to play Palin Bingo, which was a hoot and a half. If you have not seen it, go to know it is after the fact, but it's still well worth a look and you can use it during her next speech.

My friend Donna and I set up a table for voter registration at the Community Center yesterday, during youth basketball games, where we knew we would have lots of traffic. We were excited to register several first time voters and were encouraged to hear just how many people were already registered and fired up about the election. Today we set up our table at the Eagle grocery store and registered quite a few more, including more first time voters! Here are a few photos.

While we've been baking for the Blueberry Bash and registering voters in Unalaska, I see that our kindred spirits in Anchorage have been working hard on keeping Palin accountable and insisting that the Troopergate investigation go forward unhindered by the McCain/Palin campaign. There's been one big rally after another, with a great turnout for Obama this weekend, while only 300 or so attended a Palin post-debate victory celebration. Wouldn't you love to know what definition of "victory" they're using?


Suzassippi said...

Great work! I'm proud of you for putting your beliefs into action! Something sure seems to be going on with you, as you look GREAT in that photo again.

Gigi said...

Funny! I just love this stuff! Thanks...