Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reality TV

I'm watching McCain on TV telling more lies about Obama.  Honestly,  how could anyone who is truly a "socialist" end up the front runner in an American Presidential election in this day and age?  It's laughable.  Meanwhile, Ms. Palin is criticizing research that could prove to be beneficial to people with autism, while claiming that the Republican ticket would go out of its way to take care of children with special needs, even when its administration would be in favor of a huge budget freeze.  They'd free up some money for special needs kids by cutting funding for silly items like research on autism (okay, it's fruitflies, but read a little further about that fruitfly research and discover what it might do).  Follow?  

Man, I am so ready for this election to be over with.  I have such a love/hate relationship with it.   I almost cannot stand to watch the latest news, and yet, I cannot stay away.  Rich and I do this very same thing with some of those ridiculous reality shows, especially the really trashy ones on MTV and VH1.   I admit it.   Flavor of Love?  I Love New York?  Rock of Love?  Charm School?  Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew?  Yes, we have watched them all.   Now we don't schedule our lives around them, but if one of those shows is on and we come across it, you betcha, we can't resist. Mostly, I think,  because we just cannot BELIEVE that people actually behave this way.  I think the campaign holds that same sort of attraction for me.  In fact, after the campaign, Palin might pursue a career in  reality  TV.    You remember that kooky family, the Osbournes?  How about "Pallin' With the Palins"?  There's already plenty of drama with two investigations into abuse of power & unethical behavior, pregnant teen daughter, rumors about Trig's true parentage, family divorce antics, an inside look at hiring and firing State officials, moose hunting, snow machining, assigning the children official state duties at events to which they were not invited,  charging per diem for staying at home, shopping sprees that would put Paris Hilton to shame, putting the kids up in fancy hotels on the state's dime. 

Pallin' with the Palins, Episode One:  Sarah Returns to Elementary School to Learn the Responsibilities of Each Branch of the Federal Government.    I think we have enough material for at least 13 episodes.    Whaddya say, VH1?


Suzassippi said...

I must say a lot of people in the meeting today were interested in my take on her, not to mention asking me if I could see Russia from St. Paul. LOL

Gigi said...

I hope you humored them and told them what it looked like. :)

Suzassippi said...

I did--I just described Otter Island, but they did not know the difference. :)

Gigi said...