Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pledge Week on Local Radio

We have a great community radio and TV station! Want to have your own radio show? Want to host the weekly news on Wednesday nights? Want to learn how to use the equipment and become a volunteer? Have some video you want to show the community? All of that and much more is possible through our little local station. I have been amazed at everything this very small staff covers! No matter what's happening in town, they are almost always there. I've learned a lot more about community radio and TV since I joined the Board last year and I certainly have a much better appreciation of the role the station plays in our town. We just switched to FM and what a difference it has made in the quality, reception and sound of radio in Unalaska. Very exciting! This is Pledge Week for our new station, KUCB--89.7 FM, and I had a blast being a guest dj this morning. That's station manager Lauren in the background and finance person Rhonda in the front, making some announcements. They are so much fun and I had a great time playing my favorite tunes and encouraging folks to call in. We are trying to raise $10,000 and are doing pretty well, but if you are so inclined, click on Unalaska Community Broadcasting on the right side of this page and make a pledge to support true community programming.


Beth said...

Great site!

Tag, you're it! Please visit my site for details.

Suzassippi said...

Great job, Jane! Reminds me of our visit to Dallas and the "Voice of the People" community radio and Sweet Willie! You and I had fun while Jimmy hunkered down in the car in a cold panic. LOL

Gigi said...

Loved that "voice of the people." I had to laugh remembering JW's take on the whole trip. :)