Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day! Drop Everything and Go Vote!

What a long, draining campaign season it has been.  I am happy and still somewhat worried now that this day has arrived.   I took the day off work and will be on the radio encouraging people to get out, as well as offering rides to those who need them.  There are three of us who will be poll monitors, not that we are expecting any problems in Unalaska, but we will also be recording the total votes cast at specific times and making sure everything is going smoothly.   I will be out and about all day, so will post some photos of the happenings in our little town later.

Your vote counts!  Don't let this day pass you by!

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Suzassippi said...

I'm proud of you for walking the walk as well as talking the talk. You have done great service in a great cause.