Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post Election Blues

I hardly know what to do with myself!  No phone calls to make, no postcards to write, no doors to knock, no worries about how the election will be stolen...

Okay, still a little worried about Begich and Berkowitz and the final outcome of the House and Senate races, but there's reportedly a statistical possibility that they could still win.   Hoping those absentee and early ballots will swing their way!  Don't even get me started about a convicted felon getting re-elected.   Come on, Alaska!   

It's drizzly and dreary today; we had some steady snowfall this past week and our produce did not make it in as scheduled.   In fact, we were notified that our food was "compromised" as someone left the boxes out in the cold all night in Anchorage, freezing everything.    Boxes finally showed up last night and, actually, the produce was  not in bad shape at all.   We came out ahead, with a credit from Full Circle Farms and a full delivery anyway.     :)

Harbor seals and sea lions have been gracing us with their presence in the bay lately.  Not just two or three, but 16 or 18 or more!     Rich has been taking photos and promises an entry soon.

This afternoon, I am going to watch one of my little 9 year old buddies play in a basketball game and later Rich and I are going to the annual Museum of the Aleutians fundraising auction. It might be a quiet weekend for a change.   


Suzassippi said...

Sounds nice, but you know how those museum fundraisers can turn rowdy. :) It has been just beautiful fall weather here--clear blue skies so brilliant it is spell-binding, and that special feel that only fall air has. Leaves are falling all over, though the trees are not at all barren, so it makes for a pretty fall landscape.

Kristinn said...

ha! Here, it's nothing but gossip and excitement about the person President-Elect Obama will select to run the EPA. Read any good books lately? Or see any good movies? You could totally catch up on that silly little thing we like to call "leisure." ;D