Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get out the Vote!

My friend Sarah and I went door to door today, encouraging people to get out and vote on Tuesday and passing out information for Obama/Biden, Mark Begich for Senate, Ethan Berkowitz for House of Reps, and Bryce Edgmon for District 37 Rep.    We were very pleased with the reception we received, with the majority stating they'd already voted for Obama and the rest of the ticket, or were planning to do so.   We had a couple of undecided voters so appreciated the opportunity to provide them with some information and to talk up our candidates.   We encountered one disgruntled fellow who was incensed that we were asking any questions so we excused ourselves and moved on.   Visited some of the elders at the Senior Citizens' apartments and were invited in to chat, which got us out of the rain and added some more enjoyment to our day.  And to top it off, they were Obama folks as well!    Oh my gosh, I am too scared to predict an outcome for fear that it will be jinxed somehow.  Let's just say my hopes are high today.

And look who joined us at one house!

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Suzassippi said...

And won't it be exciting when we get to meet backstage in Chicago! :)

You have done great work, that's for sure!