Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Hubby was up and off to work at 6 AM -- Thanksgiving is no holiday for those who work in a restaurant!   While many of us are enjoying a chance to sleep in, laze around the house in pj's, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV, call or visit our family and friends, these guys are preparing and cooking lots of fabulous food for others.  Thanks, y'all!   

Yesterday, I decided I was going to take my camera with me and document my day.  First photo:  Kali sitting patiently at the door, waiting to be let out (sorry about the weird green eyes but couldn't get them to go away!)   Second photo: Ajax, having just passed Kali on her way out as he came back in from the cold, wondering why in the world she wanted to go outside when he'd already had his fill.   Third photo (not included here): the car covered with snow.  If someone else had been taking photos, the fourth one would have been Jane turning the key in the ignition and hearing a CLICK.     Did I mention Rich has been going to work early?  Fifth photo would have been Jane calling Rich, whining, "my car won't start."  Sixth photo: Rich to the rescue,  having no luck starting my car,  having to drive me to work.  By then, my enthusiasm for documenting my day had waned considerably.  I'm sharing a few shots with you anyway, but it's certainly not what I envisioned.  

We did catch these eagles in a tree near my office after lunch.  They ignored us while we drove back and forth trying to get situated at a good angle.    I was surprised they didn't fly away but they were nonchalant about the silly  humans.    I'd love to eavesdrop on an eagle story-telling session.   I'm sure we'd be portrayed as fools.

It's still dark in Unalaska and I am, indeed, sitting in my pj's at the computer with the Macy's parade on TV.    I'm pretty much stuck at home today unless I want to venture out on foot, which seems unlikely.   :)     After the Thanksgiving meals have been served at the restaurant and all the whole turkey dinners have been picked up by the take-home crowd, the Hospitality staff will have its own gathering to enjoy a meal and the company of friends later this evening.   

Rich and I were laughing about reading my diary from 9th or 10th grade, in which I gave thanks for the Beatles and mini skirts, among other girly delights.   Mini skirts are off my list but I am still thankful for the Beatles.   :)   Thanks to Rich and the girls and sons in law and sweetest grandkids ever,  family and friends who make me laugh and support me from afar.   I love you mucho.   Life is grand and every day is a new adventure, even if it involves snow and sleet and broken down cars.   What more could we want?


Suzassippi said...

What's even more bizarre, Rich standing in snow with no coat, gloves, or hat. :) It is so hot here today that I am sweating whilst cleaning house. LOL The sun is out, the sky is blue, it must be 72. Well, okay, it's only 66, but that did not rhyme. :)

Betty said...

Your day was still interesting to me. I love your pictures of the kitties. I still worry about them with those nasty eagles around. LOL. Glad your day was good. It's always good to have a nice lazy day.

Gigi said...

That corduroy shirt IS his jacket. LOL Man, what I would give for 66 degrees. Funny how, in Texas, 66 seemed "cool" and now it seems "very warm." We don't often hit 66 in the summer.

Yeah, we don't want to think about an eagle v. kitty rumble. Hopefully the cats will keep their wits about them. Ajax invites trouble by stalking the eagles but Kali is a little more cautious (perhaps more intelligent, too).

Bubbe said...

Love the kitties and the eagles! But I wouldn't want to witness a rumble. I won't make you feel any colder by saying it was nearly 80 here, and still- at 9:00 PM, it's warm enough to have the windows open and a breeze coming through. :) I didn't say that- just thought it, and it somehow typed itself...